SYSTEM2C Capability Building

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Capability Model
We feel we can play a significant role in helping organisations build and enhance institutional as well as individual capability. We recognise that adaptability to advances in knowledge and practice is a key factor for an organisation's ability to stay effective and relevant. However, there are constraints within which the organisations can take steps to work on this. As we keep investing ourselves in this direction, we like this experience to be shared with and extended to our clients. The first step in this exercise is a critcal assesment of the baseline scenario of the organisation, drivers of changes; e.g. technology, processess and environmental factors. This is then used to preparing an optimal roadmap for the future targets, building in Return over Investment (RoI) index for the evaluation of the road map during its progress.

Apart from preparing roadmap of capability builidng for the clients, our services include both soft skills and technical expertise in maritime sector. We can impart training and facilitate technology transfer.

Plan for You?

It is increasingly more important that continual capability building is implemented smartly to keep an organisation competitive and responsive!

The Lead Capability Building architect of System2C is Ms. Monita Sarangi. You can read more about her here. She combines her background and work experience in Human Resource Development, particularly adult Learning and Development (L&D), and knowledge management with the technical team to prepare an effective plan for the clients.

We bring out schedules of our professional development workshops in open session every now and then. You may also contact Monita Sarangi to discuss your specific needs: we may be able to organise customised workshop in your premises.

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