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Although the group SYSTEM2C is young, the consultants engaged by the group have years of professional experience in marine environments and infrastructure. Our primary endeavour is to offer our clients advise and consulting based on best practices. We combine our in-depth knowledge of the marine environments and infrastructure to provide consulting services of multiple nature: project/team leadership, preliminary analysis based on conceptual, desk studies; advanced modelling and process supervision during implementation.

Our professional experience includes methodology using one or a combination of desk study (theoretical, empirical and numerical), experimental investigation and field measurement. Numerical modelling studies are performed using recognised, established software systems such DELFT and TELEMAC. We also use other specialised model systems for strutural behaviour in offshore environment for calculating forces and mooring requirements.

Our services include analysis of shoreline change, planning and design of shoreline protection schemes, layout of ports, harbours and marinas, structural design of breakwaters, jetties, wave climate analysis for blue energy, wave loading and motion and mooring analysis for energy devices and ships. Operation-related consulting services include planning for dredging and dredged material management, marine conditions (sea level, currents and waves) forecasting, temparature modelling and mapping near thermal outfall.

If your business is involved with the marine environment, chances are that you have a value partner in us.

The Lead Consultant Dr. Ashwini Kumar Otta is known for his work in coastal and offshore engineering through various projects, academic and applied R&D work and journal and conference publications. Read more about him here .

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