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Actuator System

Product development is a key activity of System2C in synergy with its two other activities of consulting and capability building. Both software-based products and physical hardware and devices are parts of the product development plan.

Our present plan includes offering computational platforms customised to clients' specific needs based on the site and functional requirements. Forecasting system for marine environmental conditions such as waves, currents, water level along with other physical parameters can be built combining both in-situ sensors and computational modelling and installed for the clients for their needs. These needs cover port operations, offshore oil and drill operations, fishing activities and beach safety.

Increasingly, more and more field data collected from surveys, in-situ sensors and historical archives are being used to inform decision making. The process can be further enahanced by bringing in computational modelling. Our Decision Support System can effectively integrate data from various sources (e.g. survey, in-situ sensors, satellite) and modelling, where applicable, and present consequences and impact in a visual manner to support decision making.

The group's actvity includes design and development of physical hardware such as instrumentation and devices for supporting the development and maintenance of maritime infrastructure. Our strategy for bringing out a series of hardware devices are undergoing a quite evaluation. We will be sharing more on this with our stakeholders in the near future. Experimental facilities, such as waves and current flumes, for academic, R&D and practical testing are also developed to specific order from the clients.

The Lead development architect of System2C is Dr. Ashwini Kumar Otta who is known for his work in coastal and offshore engineering through various projects, academic and applied R&D work and journal and conference publications. He has guided development of Coastal Management Information System, led design and implementation of wave generaion system and developed several advanced computational models for marine environments and maritime structures. Read more about him here .

Product customisation

We can customise off-the-shelf product tailored to your needs.

While we have a range of our products under development, we also undertake product customisation and integration of available off-the-shelf products to suit your needs more effectively. The products may include either software or hardware and both. Depending on the product type, we may have to mobilize resources which in some cases may take relatively longer time.
We will be happy to discuss with you and layout a plan for customisation for your specific needs.

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